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 in response to shelley31...   Besides all the help that soulight has posted you might also try  or you might tryHealthy Families Program at  and it probably wouldn't hurt to look into . You can also check into  and here are some that may be of assistance , , with
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Hello,  My granddaughter, who is now almost two, was diagnosed with Diamond Blackfan Anemia, a disease causing her inability to make red blood cells.  It is a life threatening illness and she has transfusions regularly to keep her alive.  The families medical bills are staggering and even though they have insurance it is a stressful situation.  Can anyone help suggest a grant that is offerred to assist in paying medical bills.  Also insurance doesn't cover IVF and genetic testing , a process my daughter has to go through to get a donor match for my granddaughter should she require a bone marrow transplant.  Any help is welcome.  Thank you,
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Hi Brittney


Thank you so much for telling me that you have been helped . You just made my day !


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Reply to knova_mom---What a lovely breath of fresh air, it is so nice to have someone that has been helped on aidpage to come back and and thank the person that helped them. Thankyou for reminding me that there are so many really nice deserving people that do get help from this site. Sincerely Sheshe030

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Your site has helped me and my son so much.

 thank you i've gotten alot of links off of here and reffered plenty of people.

thank you, brittney bailey

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